Case Studies

S.M.O. Tour – LA Forum


  • Date: August 2019
  • Size: 6,600
  • Result: Efficiently managed safety protocols & dispatch

With multiple security incidents occurring simultaneously, Actual Live quickly demonstrated its dispatch management capability over the traditional walkie talkie system.

Unlike a traditional radio channel, Actual Live allows for specific dispatch information to be sent out in one cohesive transmission that persists on the app.

Incident Type, Location, and Photo/Video Evidence were immediately provided to the security team using Actual Live, improving response time and efficacy.

Riptide Concert Festival


  • Date: Sept 7, 2018
  • Size: 37,000 (what arena holds)
  • Support: Ratio of 1:75 ideal
  • Product: ACTUAL
  • App/Phone Camera
  • Result: Removed threat

Security officer uses ACTUAL to snap a photo of a suspicious person and communicate it to the rest of the security team.

Within 30 seconds, other security officers use the geo-location of the photo to locate and interrogate the person.

The person had already stolen 10 cell phones and was planning to steal more (and possibly worse). The person was handed over to law enforcement.

Smashing Pumpkins Concert


  • Date: August 2018
  • Size: 20,000
  • Support: Ratio of 1:75 ideal
  • Phase: Beta Test
  • Result: Avoided Panic

Storm rolls in and lightning strikes the audio board. There is no way to communicate with staff or security about what to do.

Event organizers connect on Actual. They re-established communication with staff, security, and first responders.

Everyone took coordinated action to escort attendees to the right stations.